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To inform a new visual identity for the Friendship Heights neighborhood, the Alliance team embarked on a four-month-long community engagement effort, including more than 50 individual interviews, a survey taken by 1,150 people, and four focus groups. Why? Because places matter to people, and their pride, hopes, and dreams can inform a future, aspirational vision.

Friendship Heights Logo

The Friendship Heights Alliance visual identity highlights relationships: the relationship between the past and the present, with a sophisticated, slightly serif font that evokes the elegance and rich history of the area. The two sides of the tulip are a nod to the relationship between Maryland and DC as a place that connects two jurisdictions in a dense urban center unlike any other in the region. The bright colors and saturated photos highlight the relationship between the opportunities that are coming, and the excitement neighbors feel about these changes.

Friendship Heights means many things: a place to work, to visit, to connect with family, to make a home. The tulip is a symbol of rebirth and renewal, but also a soft reminder that Friendship Heights is home. Let’s work together to make it a place to be proud of.

To utilize the Friendship Heights branding in your materials or retail establishment, please contact the Alliance staff at