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Friendship Heights offers incredibly strong urban assets, including excellent transit connectivity, quick access to both the Beltway and downtown DC, and great amenities and services. The Friendship Heights neighborhood is poised for transformation from a shopping destination to a walkable, urban neighborhood. Thousands of employees and residents work and live in Friendship Heights. Learn more about bringing your business here. 

Office and retail leasing patterns continue to evolve nationally, and Friendship Heights property owners are attracting tenants aligned with the future vision of the neighborhood. Friendship Heights is in the process of remaking its retail landscape to better serve the surrounding neighborhood and offer unique new amenities and creative concepts.

Friendship Heights offers high-quality but affordable office space that’s proximate to highly desirable residential neighborhoods. It offers an agglomeration of health and wellness providers. Several office property owners are redesigning existing spaces to add more “doors on the street” and incorporate new conference and common areas.

The neighborhood offers a mix of office spaces, health and wellness practitioners, high-end shopping, and a growing dining scene. Looking to bring your office or retail shop to Friendship Heights? Contact for more information.