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Dog Coop Grand Opening Event

Date and Time for this Past Event



Join the Dog Coop for their grand opening event on Thursday, May 16, 4-8 pm. Bring your dogs! Owner Judith Clayton will offer dog activities, games, and fun — as well as special packages that you can access once she's fully open. All are welcome, and please bring only friendly dogs.

Date: May 16, 4-8 pm
Location: 5025 Wisconsin Avenue NW
No RSVP required; please just come! 

"We want people to see what we have created and how we are different from any other dog daycare location," said owner Judi Clayton. The Dog Coop name is in honor of the first dog she ever walked, Cooper; but it's also a play on words because she envisions the Dog Coop as a co-operative and a community center. The Dog Coop is at 5205 Wisconsin Avenue NW.