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New Exhibit Explores Race-Based Exclusion in Upper Northwest DC 

Undesign the Redline (not about the Metro!) is an exhibit that explores the history of explicit race-based exclusion, specifically in upper Northwest DC. The exhibit helps us understand why inequities in housing and wealth persist, and encourages us to ask how we can “undesign” these wrongs. The exhibit will be at the Cleveland Park Neighborhood Library, 3310 Connecticut Ave. NW, from April 11-July 11, 2024. 

Undesign the Redline will provide important context and a platform for thoughtful exploration of ways we can address racial inequities and a lack of affordable housing in upper Northwest DC. There are many complementary programs that will help deepen knowledge about our area and spur conversation about the future we seek. Anyone can sign up to receive updates about upcoming programs.

The exhibit is open during regular library hours and is suitable for middle-school aged children and older. Guided tours are available Wednesdays at 10:30 am, Saturdays at 2 pm, and Sundays at 1:30 pm. Private tours may be arranged by contacting Visit to learn more.

The Friendship Heights Alliance is a sponsor of this event as part of our efforts to uncover, learn about, and grapple with the effects of racist policies on people and places.